About Stadium Eats

Why we created Stadium Eats

Fans want to eat and drink what they want while watching their favorite sports. We knew that. We also learned many give up on the idea because concession lines can be super long. So we thought, similar to others, “what if fans could skip the line?” But that still means they’re missing the action.

That’s when the idea was born: deliver to their seats! Nobody was doing that.

Fans wouldn’t have to miss the game. Vendors could see more sales without expanding their physical space. And stadium owners could see more revenue. Win-win-win.

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Stadium experience just got real

  • Getting food and drinks is part of enjoying a game; we knew there was a better way
  • Stadium Eats makes affordable in-seat delivery possible at any arena with assigned seating
  • No two stadiums are alike. So we custom design, personally implement and proudly support delivery at each partner arena — for every vendor who wants to score extra business.

Our mission

Stadium Eats was developed to make stadium owners, vendors and attendees happy by improving the overall stadium experience

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Company Pillars

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