Stadium owners

See the big gain potential.
Nat Wilkes

Deliver more sales through a new distribution channel

  • Setup is simple, running it is affordable
  • Increase in-stadium food and merchandise sales
  • Reduce concession lines, make fans happier
  • Get real-time recommendations based on our analytics
  • Maximize revenue through machine learning and artificial intelligence methods

Nat Wilkes

The stats

  • 45% of fans abandoned concession lines at least once due to long wait times
  • Delivery revenues could boost concession sales by up to 42%
  • 68% of stadium attendees would use in-seat ordering if it were available
  • Fans say if they could wait half the time, they would spend $20 more for food and drinks, on average

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Drive more revenue without the lines
Nat Wilkes

Here’s how Stadium Eats delivers for you

  • Affordable to run
  • Get a whole other storefront, one that’s digital
  • Simple to set up, integrates with stadium POS systems
  • Easy-to-use design, intuitive for staff and management
  • Eliminates the hassle of buying food and drinks during a game
  • Send promos and discounts at gametime to fans hungry for what you’re selling
Nat Wilkes
  • Earn extra sales through customers who wouldn’t normally eat or buy items
  • Maximize inventory management with deep insights and thorough reporting
  • Boost revenue, taking action from analytics generated by our artificial intelligence and machine learning systems

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